Dirt…we walk on it, we till it, we play in it.  But did you know how important it is when we build with it?

The slab in your new addition and new home construction depends on the quality of the soil supporting it.  The weight of the house and everything else on top of the slab will in time be supported by the soil. During the process of grading, soil gets moved around and more soil is brought in.  Then it is all compacted before you pour the concrete.

There are three basic types of soil and all soil is a mixture of several types. However, if the soil is heavily organic it cannot be compacted and has to be removed and replaced with a compressible soil fill.

That’s just what was done in a current South Tampa addition.  It also shows one of the reasons you hire a general contractor.  We knew the work had not been done to our standards when we discovered the sub-contractor put organic material in the top of the fill.  So in order to get a proper slab that would compress and bear the weight of the addition as required, we made sure the subcontractor scraped off the top two feet of soil with organic matter and replaced with acceptable fill.

Whether you are planning an addition or an entire new home, you now have the Dirt on dirt!