Meet George Jetson?

Technology is ubiquitous; from our Smart phones to our homeentertainment systems it is woven in the fabric of our lives. So how can we take advantage of this amazing technology in a new construction home, renovation or remodel?

In South Tampa we have found that Home Theaters were among the first to take advantage of new technology. Whether a man cave for Dad or a family retreat, home theaters embrace technology. Instead of a VCR or even a DVD player, we have streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, Amazon Prime and YouTube.

However, technology is not only found in our entertainment options. Home technology that just a few years ago seemed more like George Jetson’s home is becoming commonplace and affordable. There are now appliances that track your energy consumption, control panels that can flood your home with music from your iPhone, arm your security system and control lighting are more and more commonplace. There are even bathroom fixtures that use less water but have larger water droplets to give you a spa experience.
George Jetson meet 2015!
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