How To Use Color To Enhance Your Home

Combining a subtle dove grey with a statement navy accent wall adds character to a room that could either appeal to home buyers or simply provide an easy update for a homeowner.
Never underestimate the impact of wall color on a space! Looking to quickly add more market appeal to sell your home or update a room without completely redoing it? Then be thoughtful about your color selection.
Neutral is not the best option for homeowners looking to sell. Slate grey or even white can make it challenging for buyers to envision themselves in the space—after all, it’s one of the first aspects of a room that visitors will notice upon entry. This report from Zillow Digs looked at images from about 50,000 homes sold within the U.S. to analyze the link between paint color combinations and sale price.
Based on the report’s findings, the subtle warmth of a creamy yellow or a soothing shade of green tends to add price value to a home whereas a dark brown or dull eggshell lowers the price value. Even a good purple, such as lavender or mauve, in the dining room is shown to enhance value to a house by communicating to home buyers the thoughtful design that is invested in the home. While dingy colors should be avoided, so too can orange-hues be overpowering.
If you’re just looking to update a room, color is also an easy, cost-effective way to give a room a facelift without undergoing a complete overhaul. Bring balance and renewed energy into a space with a color hue that contrasts with the dominant hues in the room. Dark wood furniture and brass accents, for example, can be offset by cool shades: purples, blues and greens. If a statement color is unappealing, simply go for a proper white or grey with cool undertones. You might consider painting a single wall with a statement color and see how it impacts the space.
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