I had mentioned to someone that I was going to Dallas for a wedding.  She had just returned from Dallas and had taken a side trip to Magnolia in Waco, Texas.  I had no idea what Magnolia was, but she said it was totally worth the trip.

I contacted my friend with whom I was traveling and ask if she would be interested in the side trip to Waco.  She signed up!  She had just finished the book about Chip and Joanna Gaines; The Magnolia Story.  She knew all about them and had been watching their show for some time.  I quickly caught up on the couple and their story.  Since David and I work on renovations and new construction homes in South Tampa I couldn’t help but love what they do.

Our flight arrived very early in the morning and we negotiated a rental car for the day.  We took off down a three lane, semi congested highway towards our destination.  One thing to love about Texas driving is the 75 mile per hour speed limit.  We arrived in just under two hours.

The Silos and surrounding areas were packed with cars, even the church across the street was filled with visitors.  It was a controlled chaos with masses of people flocking to Magnolia at the Silos.

We parked just a few blocks away and as we neared the side of the building the sign above greeted us.

We continued down the side of the building and it was lined with trellises.

As you round the corner this grassy area with pavers grabs your eye and the Silos come into view.

After that the first view of the store itself.

Too cool!  The gardener in me loves the planters that greet you as you come up the steps to enter into the store.

Then we entered into Magnolia.  Finally here!  This is what you see …. all I could think of was it was like Disney World for adults.  It was seriously packed.  People were buying items selected by Joanna.  I am not sure how they kept things on the shelves.

I loved all the beautiful displays.  They had such a great way of showcasing items for sale.

This was one of my favorites.  Would love to have this beautiful fireplace in my own home.

Magnolia also fed my tile obsession.  Totally love what is installed in the bathrooms.  I think it is beautiful.  Paired with the subway tile…perfect!

From the main space you come into another open area.  This picture gives you a pretty good feel for how packed the place was; the lines to buy merchandise very long.  However, it did not seem like anyone minded and the friendly staff worked very hard to keep things moving.

As we left the store this wall came into view.  The tissue paper flowers were so delicate and beautiful.

I am going to do a separate post about the outside area which includes the fabulous gardens.  The store was really inspiring.  It was wonderful to see how one couple’s vision could impact so many people.  Not just those that were visiting, but the people of Waco itself.  The flush of visitors has created jobs which has boosted the economy of this town.  Apparently, a third of the population is struggling to have enough to eat.  My hope is that the Gaines Family continues to inspire their viewers and fans with the beautiful spaces they create while breathing new life into the town they love.

Thanks for ready!  Kindest regards, Heather